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After selecting your size, click the “Customize” button

In our design center you have a ton of options

Upload an image














Upload from your device, Facebook or Instagram. The higher quality the image the better it will look

Select the image then click Done

Once you see your image placed on the jacket you can use the tools to edit

Add Text

Type in your text

Choose your text customization options.

Select a font from the dropdown menu

Select a color

Curve your text (optional)

Then click “Add Text”

You can add multiple images and text with different fonts, colors, etc. by selecting “add more text”

The same 4 tools are also available for the text as they are for uploading an image: Move, Rotate, Delete, and Resize

Additional Tools

When you have multiple elements in your design that overlap, such as text and an image, you can use additional settings to control which element is in the front and back

In the example above the Skull image is in the front and the Forever Young text is in the back

Click the duplicate button to duplicate the selected element. It will make a duplicate copy on top and you can drag it where you would like it placed

If you want to start over with a blank slate select the “Reset” button


When you’re done creating your design and everything looks exactly how you want click the buy button

Use the plus and minus magnifying glass icons to the left of the design to zoom in and out for a closer look

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